January 05, 2019

How to clean the house in under an hour

Cleaning is a time consuming task and often too irritating for many. However, it is one of the important aspects of everyday life to keep your surroundings organized and easy to survive. No one would like to live in a messy and dirty household nor would anyone be too thrilled to visit such a place. Cleaning the house could go on for as long as you want it since there is always some corner or piece of furniture requiring wiping and dusting. However, people who have full-time jobs cannot invest too much of their time in cleaning and need to get done with it as soon as possible.

It is not easy to clean the house within an hour but you can try and nothing is impossible in the world if someone is really willing to do it. Following is a simple guide of cleaning the house in one hour.

Get started

First and foremost collect all the materials you would need for the entire cleaning process. That includes all types of cleaning liquids, washcloths, gloves, some newspapers, baskets and scrubbing pads. Collecting it at once before starting the work would save a lot of your time which you can invest in cleaning.

Get a timer

A timer would help you to calculate the time you are spending in each part of your home and setting benchmarks would not be easier but effective too. Before starting to clean set a schedule and how many minutes each room or part of your house would need depending upon its size and spaces to be cleaned. Make sure to set the timer before entering each room according to the initially allotted time duration and complete the cleaning in that time only.

Basic tips to clean

Keep your initially collected cleaning material with you at all times. Take them to each of your rooms along with the timer. Collect the clothes in the laundry basket and the ones which do not need laundry in a separate basket and at the end of the cleaning sort them out in the cupboards and washing machine. Start with dusting in each room and then wipe it off if needed. Use cleaning liquids for mirrors and wipe off with the newspaper and never with a cloth since it leaves behind dirty marks and does not really clean the mirror.

End it with finishing

Finish it off with spraying some floral scent in your bedrooms and living room or turn on the diffuser to make the environment pleasant as well as relaxing for you.

This is the easiest guide to clean your home within an hour. However, you must get cheap end of lease cleaning Melbourne done once in two weeks or a month and only then the one hour cleaning would work well. Cleaning needs to get done extensively otherwise the dust keeps coming off making the clean surfaces dusty and dirty as well and only one hour cleaning would not be able to clean the house from every corner.

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